Angeles City, Pampanga
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the sales agents will mislead you, the after service is just promises. have a water leak , will not repair it, asked over 2 yrs ago to remeasure my property line, never have they come over even when they was 10 meters away,

charged me for "damaged" to the curb when it was poorly built, a employee name jenn santos& joan craig even tried file charges this damage to the curb,1 employee named Rolando attacked me, m please be careful of dealing with these ppl ,i have recorded my calls & tried so show them their errors yet they have a dont care attitude, buyer beware

Monetary Loss: $100.

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i have repeatly tried to get these people to measure my property line and finish repairs that was caused my their work. still no help. these people are terrible, wish someone would just beat the *** out of them , OR do a 187 on them, never never again will I buy a home from these THEIVES


yes these people will lie to you, 1 man tried to break into my home, appeared he was drunk or on drugs,

they DDC land and after sales are terrible liers, they promise to fix items that was listed on my movwe in sheet, they will not repair, once they locked the door as i was trying to enter aftersales officem these ppl are CROOKS, morans


thanh your Gun gun for the info


yes i agree , that I bought a unit and they will not follow thru on service, they said they would "clean up" an empyty lot, just lied lied, they had some man who tried to attack me, , this GV#3 is an unsafe place to live, be warn they will try to hurt or even "plant" drugs on your

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